Leather Sofa Ideas

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The main attraction of any living room is a well-placed sofa that matches the style of the room. Sofas come in variety of designs and styles. They not only accentuate the theme of the room but also provide comfort and relaxation after a tiring day at work. The market is full of stylish and designer sofas and one of the most popular types is leather sofas.

black leather sofa

Contemporary leather sofas perfectly suit modern décor, giving any room a luxurious and lavish feel. They come in a variety of colours and designs providing a high comfort level. Since leather is made of natural skin, it is highly flexible and can be stretched without reducing its durability. Leather is resistant to wear and tear, cracking plus it is also heat and fire resistant. Another property of leather is that it breathes; therefore leather sofas provide warmth in winters and are cooler in summers. On comparing leather sofas with other sofas made of synthetic materials, their seats rarely feel sticky making them more comfortable and pleasurable to sit on.

Choosing a leather sofa from a large number of styles can sometimes appear an overwhelming experience. Depending on the size of the room, you can choose a three-seat and a love seat set or just a single-seat according to requirements. These days recliner leather sofas are also very popular. You can recline them at any angle using a power or manual switch and stretch your legs so as to lie down for ultimate comfort.

Other popular types are leather sleeper sofas otherwise known as sofa beds. These sofas are perfect for a single bedroom house or a studio where the space is limited. They can be used to entertain your guests during the day and can be converted into a comfortable bed at night. Hence leather sofabeds are the perfect solution to get luxury, comfort and beauty of form in a limited space. Though there are several designs to choose from, the colour of leather sofas are generally limited. The most popular are black leather sofas that go well with any interior. Other shades are brown, beige, burgundy, fawn and white. Generally leather sofas come in sober toned down colours.

Apart from giving a sense of style, leather sofas offer other benefits too. They are very easy to clean and maintain providing years of comfort. Cleaning a leather sofas is a much easiesr job when compared to cleaning any fabric sofa. Special leather cleaning solutions are available in the market that makes the job easier.

Depending on the type of leather used to make a sofa, prices will vary accordingly. Aniline leather is considered to be the most expensive one because of its natural looks and unique surface markings making each piece different from the other. Aniline leather is by its very nature very soft and comfortable, processed with minimum chemical treatments making it also termed naked leather. Another type of leather used in sofas is semi-aniline leather which is harder than aniline yet maintains its uniqueness and is more resistant to stains. Pigmented leather sofas are the cheaper variety with a thick polymer coating that removes unique markings. However this is the most durable type of leather and is very easy to maintain.

Buying a leather sofa can be expensive but it is worth every penny. It is always good to do some research before purchasing and choosing the one that suits your style, taste and requirements. High quality leather sofas apart from giving comfort add beauty, charm and luxury to your living room where you can relax to enjoy life with your family or friends.